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Nobis Sport Management’s goal is to connect those active in the Sport Industry (players, tournament organizations, foundations, teams) with companies interested in supporting the Sport World, identifying the specific needs of both parties in professional, modern, dynamic and multicultural manner.


Athlete Management

Nobis Sport Management provide a complete range of services to both woman and male athletes, supporting them in a long-term program that concern all the step of their career.

A full service that include improving their technical skill and public profile, acquisition of sponsors, marketing ans social management, daily organization, financial and insurance and planning.

Our company also works as agent for important players, coaches and more kind of professional profile in the sport environment in order to reach with them the best goal for their career; we help them to find teams, brands or partners to develop their skills and grow as great professionists.


Sport is free from any “contamination”, sport is an excellent vehicle in our time to communicates mental and physical strength, energy, technique, strategy, tactic, physical beauty and elegance.

We support companies promoting their product/service increasing their visibility and their brand awareness, creating and executing corporate international event planning, incentive, social media contents and tailor made initiatives.


Through social media channels athletes and their fans are today closer than ever. 

We specialize in developing and executing successful branding actions, providing our clients with an excellent network of well-know professional players that can increase customer engagement to the brand or the company.  


According to their the budget, goal and target we support companies to achieve their business investment results, working hand in hand to settle their strategic sport project, marketing campaign and integrated media planning.

For companies already active in sport sponsorship, we provide actual status analysis, corrective action and process optimization in order to add value to their investment.


Our expertise at the service of your needs, around the world, in order to follow and be part of your preferred Sport Experience.


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