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China today represents a point of reference no longer purely as a “factory of the world” but also at a political and cultural level. China, with its growth in domestic consumption, can also represent, for the company that penetrates this market, a huge potential customer base.

Nobis International with internal Chinese staff and professionals engaged for years and successfully in the field of relations between the two countries can direct and accompany the company in this direction.

The operational areas of Nobis International are:

• Market research
• Purchase assistance
• Organization of business meetings, delegations or visits to fairs
• Promotional actions on the Chinese market
• Interpreting service and linguistic / cultural mediation
• Translation and construction of websites and advertising material suitable for the Chinese market
• Digital Marketing Management (Chinese social Network)

Market research

Knowledge of the global market is necessary for the company during the conception and realization of new projects. The supply of construction materials, promotional gadgets, finished products ready for sale and anything else requires prior knowledge of its prices and the latest technological innovations, not only in its own market.

Similarly, a framework of the reference market is necessary for the company that wishes to appear on the foreign market for the sale of its products or services.

Nobis International offers a service of:

• Search for the product on the Chinese market according to the required technical specifications
• Tariff framework of the major suppliers
• Search for a possible offer of similar products, more innovative and competitive with the request
• Research in further countries according to customer needs
• In the sales projects on the Chinese territory, verification of the existence of effective demand in the market
• Assistance in promoting and creating an application for the product to be exported
• Assistance to missions, negotiations and translation of documents from Chinese to Italian / English and vice versa.

Purchase assistance

The market research phase is followed by the purchase phase of the goods, which can be presented without obstacles and delays that risk absorbing excessive energy to the company.

For this reason Nobis International assists the customer in the different phases *:

• Definition of the order according to the required technical specifications
• Possible support and organization of the dealer’s visit on the Chinese territory
• Assistance in negotiating rates and conditions of sale
• Check on the issue of a correct purchase contract and related documentation
• Documentation of the production status and compliance check of the order when production is completed
• Possible organization of customer visits to verify production
• Assistance in issuing the documentation necessary for shipping
• Shipping agent assistance
• After sales contact and assistance on spare parts

* The consultancy can include all or part of the services described

Organization of business meetings and visits to fairs

Thanks to a long experience in the field, Nobis International can guarantee a network capable of managing the needs related to meetings between Chinese and foreign delegations both in China and in Europe.

Nobis International team can work alongside delegations so that they can focus on creating strong and lasting relationships.

Finally, companies may need assistance to visit specialized fairs on the global market and receive complete assistance from travel to interpreting from Nobis International.

In this context, Nobis International can operate as follows:

• Assistance in issuing visas for the delegation
• Reception on the ground, hotel reservations
• Search and selection of specialized Chinese or Italian guides
• Logistics and transport on the territory
• Research and booking of leisure and luxury services for delegations
• Arrangement of meeting spaces in suitable locations
• Subsequent assistance for maintaining relations between the two parties

Digital Marketing Management

Creation and maintenance of profiles on different social networks, generation of language content (Italian, French, English, Chinese), management of contacts and acquisition, management of presence and brand awareness on social networks.

• Social network account management (weibo, wechat, etc)
• Creating relationships with users and maintaining the contact platform, posting, monitoring feedback and brand visibility
• Study activity of contact habits, following prospects of interest and generating homogeneous targets
• Forwarding, commenting and blogging on posts on other contacts / followers in order to generate attention towards the assiduous presence on the web of the customer’s account
• Standard activities, special campaigns and contact generation
• Translation and posting of shared content; quantity to be defined with the Customer of monthly posts on each active social network, starting from the content provided by the Customer or shared content when planning the communication strategy
• Forwarding and relationship with other advances to increase the presence and involvement of the target
• Generation of viral marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness
• Management of comments and answers to questions submitted by contacts
• Study, planning and implementation of periodic special campaigns, on occasions of particular communication needs on all social networks.
• Social media reporting
• Monthly generation and sharing of data analysis reports from social networks, aimed at understanding the effectiveness of the activities carried out and organized campaigns and possibly making changes in strategy and operations in the following months.

Other services by Nobis International

• Promotional actions on the Chinese market such as marketing campaigns or events for the dissemination of the brand
• Interpreting service and professional linguistic / cultural mediation carried out by native speakers with long experience in the field
• Translation and construction of websites and advertising material adapted to the needs and tastes of the Chinese market. Thanks to the partnership of dynamic and creative graphic studios it is possible to create brochures and videos with a certain effect.


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